Your Hue

Your Hue is an initiative of HUE, LLC, a progressive social entrepreneurship specializing in socio-economic development throught the African diaspora. Come and share Your Hue with us.

In its rhythmic chorus, “where I come from it’s not easy but we still survive,” this song portrays the lives of many Colombians on the rather forgotten Pacific Region, home to the largest concentration of Afro-Colombians. ChicQuibTown’s “De Donde Vengo Yo” speaks about the characteristics found within the group, like drinking coconut water, owning run-down motorcycles, and having the ability to be in total happiness. But perhaps more important, this song speaks about the unspeakable: about the group’s national and international invisibility, about unreasoned self-discrimination,  about imminent racism, about unpaved roads and the lack of drainage systems,  about the violent war machine, about those displaced  by powerful interests, and about vast corruption. If there is something truly commendable is that they manage not only to survive but that they do so by overlooking unfortunate circumstance and by striving for happiness. Music, then, becomes their tool to strive for happiness, while expressing their people’s frustrations and giving a voice to this region’s voiceless. Indeed, ChicQuibTown does not only achieve to give a voice to their people but to the many peoples victims of all of the issues that they describe in this piece.

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